Daily Scooping - 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Depress the foot pedal to open the lid.
  2. Press down on door and empty the clumps. The trap door will snap shut for an airtight seal, and the lid's incorporated charcoal filter will absorb moisture and any lingering odors.
  3. Release foot pedals and lid will shut.



Removing /Installing Liner - H:

  1. Lift the lock to disengage the top from the base. Fully articulate the top until it remains in the open position.
  2. Remove the bucket from the base. Insert Liner H and secure the handles to the handle tabs.
  3. Insert the bucket with liner into the base. Gently disengage the top from its fully open position. Snap down to its locked position.



Litter Keeper Features:


Cleaning + Maintenance:

Wash the litter keeper with mild dish soap and warm water. Scooping daily will keep odor in check and aid in keeping your cat healthy.