1. Click the five clips into the rectangular slits in the base.
  2. Position the liner in the base with the open side facing front and the top edge holes going over the clips.
  3. Insert the splash guard cutouts into the 5 clips one by one (see video above).
  4. Hold the liner's front tab and slide the walk-off platform down over the liner and front edge securing it in place. Hang the scoop on to the back notch of the splash guard.
  5. Turn the parts pack box into an interactive cat toy!


Cleaning + Maintenance:

1. Wash the litter box and reusable liner with mild dish soap and warm water.

2. Scoop daily to keep odor in check and aid in keeping your cat healthy.

3. Periodically add new litter to maintain the recommended 3-4 inch level. This will enable your cats to bury their mess properly while keeping urine from reaching the liner or the bottom of the litter box.

4. Fully replace litter every 5-7 days.

If you need to remove stubborn odors, you can use an enzyme cleaner and follow the directions on the bottle.