Follow these steps to help your cat acclimate to their new Modkat Litter Box:

  1. Scoop some litter from your old litter box into their new one, the familiar smell should help them to understand what it is and what to do.
  2. Remove the old litter box completely.
  3. If they won't go near their new litter box, gently place them on top (top-entry), or inside (front-entry) and let them jump off or out themselves, this may help them to become familiar with it.

Still not working?

  1. Reintroduce their old litter box, and place their new Modkat Litter Box next to it.
  2. Remove Modkat lid where applicable.
  3. After three days replace the top-entry lid on their Modkat.
  4. On the fourth day take away the old litter box and see how it goes.